About Us

We export all kind of sea foods like Vannmaei, Black Tiger, Fresh Water fish, Crabs, etc.

We can supply all the below products as per the specification of Buyers

Raw Headless shell On, Head-on shell on, Peeled & Deveined , Peeled & Tail On, Easy Peel , Peeled Pulled Vein

Black Tiger

3 Spot & Blue Swimming Whole/Cut Crab

Fresh Water (Cultured & Wild)

Cuttle Fish

Black/White Pomfrets

Indian Mackerel, Seer Fish Tuna

Ribbon Fish

Pangasius (Basa) Fillets and Steaks

Whole frozen, Back gutted Rohu , Cuttla & Pangasius

Processing facility includes Plate Freezers, Blast Freezer, IQF and Cold Storage.

We can also supply aqua feeds & chemicals

Our Advantages



Natures Best Seafood Sales and Service are committed to the quality, safety and environmental legitimacy of every product we distribute. We endeavor to purchase our seafood from sources that share this commitment with us.



We pride ourselves on providing personalized service. There is no bureaucracy here — you deal directly with people who are committed to knowing you and your business needs, as well as finding solutions that will help you succeed.



We are a wholesale company that specializes in frozen seafood — a niche that offers a number of advantages, not the least of which is the fact that our products are fresher than seafood that is stored on ice.